Best 4k TV in India 2019 (True Ultra HD Televisions)

With the fleeing dates on calendars, the latest innovations are arriving in the category of televisions too. Due to which, choosing the best Ultra HD televisions has become quite a confusing task.

On the contrary to this, you cannot ignore the thought of choosing the best for you as if you land up to a wrong choice; then you will have to repeat the process. Thus, we are providing you with the reviews of some televisions which have a 4k resolution as a TV with this quality can ensure a better future.

After going through the reviews, you can land up making a wise decision effortlessly.


Best 4k TV in India 2019

These are 10 Best 4k Televisions in India 2019

  • Samsung Q Series 55-inch 4k Ultra HD Curved QLED Smart TV  (55Q6FN)
  • LG  65-inches 4K UHD LED Smart TV (65UK6360PTE)
  • LG 55-inches 4K UHD LED Smart TV (55UK7500PTA)
  • Samsung 8 Series 49-inches  4K UHD LED Smart TV (UA49NU8000K)
  • Sony Bravia 55 inches 4K UHD LED Smart TV (KD-55X7500F)
  • Sony Bravia 49 Inches Ultra HD 4K LED HDR Smart TV (KD-49X7002F)
  • Samsung 7 Series (55 inches) Ultra HD 4K LED Smart TV (UA55NU7100K)
  • Sony Bravia 49-inches 4K UHD LED Smart TV (KD-49X7002E)
  • LG 49-inches 4K LED Smart TV (49UK6360PTE)
  • Mi LED Smart TV 4 55-Inch (Best 4K TV under 50,000)
  • LG 43 inches 4K Ultra HD Smart LED IPS TV (43UH650T)
  • Panasonic 43-inch Ultra HD 4K LED TV (Best 4K TV under 30,000)
  • Vu Iconium 43-inch 4K UHD LED Smart TV (43BU113)
  • TCL P6 43-inch Ultra HD 4K LED Smart TV (43P6US)


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Best 4K TV Under 50,000

Mi LED Smart TV 4 Pro 55-Inch Android Television

best 4k tv in india under 50000, best 4k tv in india under 50000 2019, best smart tv in india 2019In the run of upgrading standards, everyone is looking for something better which can raise their quality of life. If you are also one among those people, then you must be looking forward to buying the best 4K TV in India under Rs. 50000 so that your entertainment can get the new heights. But, making the right choice is a scraping task because it needs too much attention to be paid. Whereas, you need not worry as you can get to know the features of extremely a smart piece.

The Mi LED Smart TV accompanies the Ultra HD resolutions to give dazzling visuals ready for an immersive film watching where you can feel like sitting in a cinema. You have the 16 W Sound with Dolby + DTS sound Technology to supplement the clear vocals. It has two USB ports and three HDMI ports where you can associate your USB pen drive or a convenient USB drive to the TV and play your favourite media records easily.

You have extra availability choices to review your photographs, recordings, and music on the widescreen, due to which memories can get fresh energy. The 178-degree wide survey point guarantees that you don’t need to sit before the TV to get an unmistakable view. Due to which, you will not feel any strains or pains while watching TV.

The thing which is not much of your entertainment is that these are going to go out of stock soon because it is brimmed with the good features. So, if you are planning or thinking, then you need to be an early riser so that other person cannot grab your opportunity. There is no doubt that you are going to love all the features and not face any regret in using the services provided by it.

Highlighted Features:

  • 16 Watts Powerful Speaker
  • 4k (Ultra HD) Resolution Display which is Four-time better than 1080p (Full HD) Display 
  • For Blur-free Picture quality it offers 60Hz display refresh rate.
  • 3 HDMI Ports so you can connect 3 devices at a time.
  • 2 USB Ports to connect your media and storage device.


LG 43 inches 4K Ultra HD Smart LED IPS TV (43UH650T)

LG 43 inches 4K Ultra HD Smart LED IPS TV (43UH650T)If you have recently renovated your home, then you must be seeking to get the advanced equipment in your home. In the same run, you can have a look at the advancements coming in the televisions. A few years ago, we used to stick on the colored TVs with the antennas, then came the cable connections, afterward SET boxes had overlapped their place. Now, there are some more modifications which will assist you in getting entertained in a new way. So, you also are looking for the one with high quality audios and videos. Among the whole list of best 4K TV under Rs 50000, I would suggest you choose LG 4K Ultra Smart UHD LED IPS TV with 43 inches screen.

This Smart TV comes with 4K display resolution which provides extreme clarity of the things. Along with that, you will be surprised to know that it contains three HDMI ports and 2 USB ports which allows smart connectivity so that you can access your offline data to the device to get entertained with your storage. Another factor which makes it best is its large screen which keeps you away from the neck strains as you do not need to do many movements. From any angle, you will see the same view as there will be no reflection issues.

Thus, it is quite evident that this TV is going to entertain even the walls of your house. So, if you are seeking to buy a TV, then it can be an irreplaceable choice. You never know that whether you will get such an interesting deal or not because these are going out of stock with full throttle. After all, the choice is yours only, therefore make your decision wisely and bring the best Smart TV your home.

Highlighted Features:

  • Ultra HD 4k IPS LED Display with better viewing angles.
  • 43-inch display which fits approx in every room.
  • Ultra luminance features make visuals more sharp and clear.
  • webOS 3.0 which make it smart TV.

If you need a real smart TV with great feature then I recommend going with those smart tv have Android OS like Mi 4 Pro Smart Television not webOS or any other Operating system


Best 4k TV Under 30000

Panasonic 43-inch Ultra HD 4K LED TV (TH-43EX480DX)

Best 4k TV under 30000, Panasonic 43-inch Ultra HD 4K LED TV (TH-43EX480DX)

What comes to your mind first when you think of means of entertainment? TV, right? With the advancements in the technology, the shape and the appearance of TVs have changed a lot. From being big bulky boxes, TVs now come with a wide and flat screen which has heightened the joy of watching movies and playing games on it. If you are looking for the best 4k TV under 30000 to adorn the living area of your home, then Panasonic 43-inch Ultra HD 4K LED TV (TH-43EX480DX) should be on your list.

Among the several features that make it worth buying is its ultra HD display that boasts 4x resolution. Watching movies on the TV is quite a heavenly experience. It comes with 3 HDMI ports meant for the set-top box for watching cable channels, for connecting consoles to play games and attaching Blue-ray players to watch HD movies and music videos.

To ensure that you get the best sound output with the TV, it has been rendered with a 20W speaker. The blur-free technology used in the TV provides smooth video quality. If you often take pictures and shoot videos on your camera or camcorders, then you can connect your such devices at the USB ports including a USB drive.

Though the technology will keep surprising us with every passing day, for now, you have this fine product from Panasonic which is considered the best 4k TV below 30000. You must not let this product slip away and lose the opportunity to make it a part of your life. Make this fine product part of your home and life, and always enjoy quick access to the internet browsing that too on a way larger screen as compared to your phone.


Vu Iconium 43-inch 4K UHD LED Smart TV (43BU113)

best led tv under 25000, Vu Iconium 43-inch 4K UHD LED Smart TV (43BU113)

TVs have been around us for a long time and will be here forever. Only the way they entertained us has undergone tremendous changes ever since their inception. Now we have smart TVs that let us access the internet and use applications just like we do on our smartphones. With the availability of so many brands, it is hard to find the best 4k TV under 30000. Here, we intend to ease your painstaking efforts of finding the best TV for your home.

Among the TVs under 30000 that have been hogging most of the limelight, Vu Iconium 43-inch 4K Ultra HD LED Smart TV (43BU113) is also the one. The TV boasts an LED display which lets you view the picture from any angle without compromising the quality. Its Ultra HD display that comes with 4x resolution takes the experience of watching movies to all the new heights. You enjoy blur-free picture every time you sit before the TV to enjoy any content.

It has been rendered with 3 USB ports that let you connect gaming consoles, a set-top box, and blue-ray players. To ensure that you can connect your camera, camcorder or USB drive to browse pictures or watch videos, 2 USB ports have also been provided on the TV. It is a smart TV which means you can browse the internet as well as this TV.

Technology is providing us with new and innovative products every day of which smart TVs are the most sought-after ones. Smart TVs are in high demands these days because they let you do almost all that you can do on your smartphone that too on the way too bigger screen. Hence, if you also wish to be more productive and have an excellent source to watch HD movies, then buy this best 4K TV  without any unnecessary delay.


TCL P6 43-inch Ultra HD 4K LED Smart TV (43P6US)

best led tv in india, TCL P6 43-inch Ultra HD 4K LED Smart TV (43P6US)

It is quite hard to imagine a life without TVs. These entertainment means have become an indispensable part of our lives, and with the introduction of smart TVs, their importance is way more than it has ever been. We have several brands around us that manufacture such smart TVs which is why it is difficult to decide as to which is the best 4K TV under 30000. This brief and precise guide will help you apply.

Among the TVs that have been on the best 4k TV list of tech-savvy people, TCL P6 43-inch Ultra HD 4K LED Smart TV (43P6US) gives quite a tough competition to other TVs. The Ultra HD display that comes with 3840*2160 and 4x resolution makes the experience of watching movies an awe-inspiring one.

For any sort of content that you watch on the TV, you get blur-free picture quality. It has been fitted with 2 HDMI ports that go well with the set-top box and gaming consoles. To access the data on your USB flash drive, you can use the USB port available on the TV. To let you enjoy some soothing melodies and dancing numbers, the TV comes with a speaker of 16W.

If you are thinking of buying something technology driven which is also good from the point of entertainment, then this 4K TV must be on the top of your list. It has everything that a quintessential TV should have ranging from wide and Ultra HD display to features that let you connect to the internet. In addition to this, you can also connect your smartphone with this TV which means you will be accessing your phone a large screen of your TV. Isn’t this cool? Adorn your home with this elegant and voguish product, and invite some hearty compliments from your visitors.


Best 4k TV in India 2019 (UHD Televisions)

Samsung Q Series 55-inch 4k Ultra HD Curved QLED Smart TV  (55Q6FN)

Best 4k LED TV in India 2019, Best 4k TV in India 2019

With the ticking of the clock, we witness the addition of modish flairs in every field especially in the context of technology and entertainment. The televisions are also included in the list of such advancements as there was a time when the televisions used to have display in black and white in colour, whereas the scenario is completely different nowadays. Now, people are bewildering in the situation not only to choose the HD quality whereas the size which can fit their bedroom perfectly.

In the run of finding the best 4k TV in India, Samsung Q Series 55 inch QLED Smart TV grabs the attention of most of the people. It endows the spectators with 40W speaker output, due to which people do not need to waste extra money in buying external volume boosters. Along with this, it also comprises of Ultra HD-4X resolution with which you can see blur-free videos. Apart from these features, the size of this TV makes it perfect as that provides relief to the neck strains of the people, which usually come with the small size of the screens.

It also boasts facility to connect more than one device into its ports. Coupled with this, you can also connect even camcorder or camera, which is not usually facilitated in all the TVs. But, as it is one of the best TVs in India, so it is not much surprising to count the awesome features of this Samsung TV.

If you are also finding the best 4k TV in India with a perfect screen for yourself or family, then you should surely stick to this particular model. You are going to get everything equipped with a box of the LED TV which must-to-be there. Apart from this, if you want to witness its qualities practically, then bring this to your home, then you will enjoy the services of Samsung undoubtedly.


LG  65-inches 4K UHD LED Smart TV (65UK6360PTE)

best LED tv in india 2019, best LED tv in india

When it comes to renovating the home interior and belongings, then we consider replacement of old-fashioned TV as a priority. The reason behind it is that nobody wants to follow the antiqueness of the things, whereas everyone is running to grab the latest technological equipment. TVs are quintessential to be in a home because nothing can replace a TV in the field of entertainment, but an LED TV.

So, if you also own a back to date TV and looking to find a new one equipped with the latest advancements and features, then LG is one of the most reliable brands in entertainment. The LG LED Smart TV with 65 inches screen can be the best to fit in your drawing room as it is considered the best 4k TV in India. You can spend hours sitting on your sofa or bed in front of this TV. Because you will not have to suffer from the movements of the neck to get the correct vision as screen size is more than efficient.

The most interesting thing about this LG TV is that it is one of the best 4k TV in India. The wireless sound quality has two ways Bluetooth will provide soothing to the ears especially when you listen to your favourite playlist on your TV screen. You can also access cloud photos and videos on this awesome model of LG. Another feature which makes it better than others is the input connectivity as this model can afford 3 HDMI and 2 USB.

While compiling all the features, it is not wrong to say that it can be the superior choice to be made. The technological flairs added into this particular model are sufficient enough to describe its awesomeness. In every way, it is a perfect pick, which you should get for sure if you want yourself to get entertained with quality.


LG 55-inches 4K UHD LED Smart TV (55UK7500PTA)

best 4k tv in india under 1 lakh, best 4k tv in india under 1 lakh 2019

Purchasing a television is not a cakewalk these days because it is struggling to choose the best among betters. When we start researching about this purchase, you land upon deciding nothing even after a long span. But, reviews can be highly beneficial for you in that case. Either the negative or positive any review will show the honesty to you. If you want to know the working characteristics of LG 55 inches LED Smart TV, then you must know that it is among the best 4k TV in India.

This TV has appealing highlights like 4K, 20 W Audio Output and 60 Hertz refresh rate that can enter your eyes with the staggering showcase of pixels, hues, and differentiation. The mix of 4K Ultra HD and IPS 4K is ideal for creating immaculate pictures. This TV flaunts a screen goal that is four times that of full HD. You can encounter a dazzling presentation with nano cell color display consolidating to show pictures of faultless quality. The 55-inch screen guarantees that you can see the photographs from any point with no uneasiness.

The best aspect of this LED smart TV is that you can access your cloud account on its screen which can assist you in enjoying the memories through the pictures and to live the past moments again. So, if you are finding a television for your home, then nothing can be better than this.

Right from the enhancements in the clarity, its sound quality is also adorable. It is suggested you buy a best 4k TV in India if you are concerned about your entertainment. After all, nothing can provide you relaxation from the heavy tolls of work whereas music and entertainment do, so find the better way for yourself and make a choice wisely with opened eyes.


Samsung 8 Series 49-inches  4K UHD LED Smart TV (UA49NU8000K)

best 49 inch 4k tv in india 2018, best 49 inch 4k tv in india 2019

When it comes to choosing the best television for home, then we always seek a choice in which we can get brand and clarity hand in hand. In the previous few years, we did not use to have lots of choices to get the quality in entertainment too, but things are pretty different these days. Along with modifications in also every industry, we have been witnessing the addition of a lot of brands and models into the list of best 4K TV in India. Even having a plethora of options is quite good but we cannot ignore the difficulty of choosing this case.

A reliable and well-reputed brand Samsung owns a very impressive model of 49 inches which does not even have sky-scraping cost. Even a middle-man can also afford this quite impressive equipment of technology. This Samsung 8 series Smart TV comes with the 4K resolution to endow you with stunning visuals which can make your home a theatre.

You can have 40 W Audio Output to improve the vocals coming out, and the refresh rate of 120 Hertz serves it with a solid punch. You can even connect your USB drive to the television so that you can play your favourite playlists effortlessly. Along with this, you will be surprised to know that you can even attach your headphones to this device. You can even see your pictures on a large display.

The best thing about it is its affordable price which will not cut your pocket. You can get the value of your money buying this Samsung 49 inches LED Smart TV, which is the best 4K TV in India. This is all that honest advice can suggest you as it is going to be your choice at your home undoubtedly. So, you can widen the eyes of your loved ones by taking this your home.


Sony Bravia 55 inches 4K UHD LED Smart TV (KD-55X7500F)

Sony Bravia 55 inches 4K UHD LED Smart TV (KD-55X7500F)

When one considers purchasing a LED TV, it ends up leaving the person in a bewildering situation where it becomes difficult to make the right choice since one needs to think of a long haul. The choice of picking a LED TV relies upon screen length, resolution, picture quality, etc. But, you are going to get a lot of assistance in this guide so that you do not invite blunders in coming to a decision.

Sony 55 inches 4K LED Smart TV is one of the best 4K TV in India which is brimmed with so many of advantages whether it is about audio or video. Right from experiencing rich and deep sound quality, to getting the advantage of being an android device, it is perfectly compatible to run with the today’s generation.

We are not only entertaining you with cheesy talks, whereas this TV comprises of clean cable management due to which you can get rid of some issues of tangling of wires. Along with this, it has its most interesting feature of getting notified meanwhile you will be watching your favourite TV shows, music or movies. You can even instruct this device with your commanding voice. Not only this, but you can get Netflix access on this large screen.

Thus, if you are still pondering in the situation to find the perfect TV for your family, then you must go for this Sony Smart TV, which can serve you with the extreme level of smartness. Last, but not the least, is its extra protection as it is shielded with a capacitor so that no electricity short circuits can destroy any element of it. In simple words, it is not wrong to say that Sony 55 inches TV falls under the list of best 4K TV in India. Thus, make it sure to choose if you want to experience quality at your home.


Sony Bravia 49 Inches Ultra HD 4K LED HDR Smart TV (KD-49X7002F)

Sony Bravia 49 Inches Ultra HD 4K LED HDR Smart TV (KD-49X7002F)

One thing that enthrals the minds when we enter any store to shop the electronics is the sight of TV screens which look extremely amazing when observed with a keen eye. Generally, people get to confuse at that time by witnessing a huge variety and options. Thus, it becomes difficult for people to come to a wise choice in this particular scenario. But, only if a person knows that how can they find the device with the best technological advancements equipped into it. Even, if you do not know then leave the stress there only as you can now get the guidance about the best features.

Yes, that is one of the best4K TV in India, the Sony Bravia LED Smart TV with 49 inches screen, which has almost every essential facility available. Right from the best audio features to the awesome display having extreme clarity, you will get endowed with the best of everything. You can also exchange the internet connectivity with your mobile. Along with this, you can easily connect 3 USB drives into this simultaneously, which is a major advantage of this device. The 4K screen display can endow you with the details of the videos and the audios from very close.

Thus, if you are willing to step up your entertainment, then it is a major opportunity for you. When you have 24 W Output with a TV, then you do not need to waste money on the gig of buying speakers as you can getting that equipped with your TV only. Those days are passed a century before when we were used to managing with the small screens, but now the world is completely different. Thus, if you want to get up to date with the technology and do not keep any regrets in your mind after purchase, then Sony Bravia is the best4K TV in India, which will not leave the stones unturned behind.


Samsung 7 Series (55 inches) Ultra HD 4K LED Smart TV (UA55NU7100K)

Samsung 7 Series (55 inches) Ultra HD 4K LED Smart TV (UA55NU7100K)

When it comes to purchasing electronics, then we always look forward to going for a reliable brand whose services are familiar to the people so that you can know the performance by the old users. After all, every person learns from the mistakes of others thus a wise opinion must be entertained while buying electronics specially when it is a TV. The reason behind it is that TV is the best friend of almost every age of people, which stays with us in our good and bad times.

Now, the point is that when we do not compromise in our eating, living, and wearing, then why to find the middle ground in case of entertainment. Especially, when there are a plethora of options to find the always better display, audio, and other features. By keeping the demands of people in mind, Samsung has also come up with quite a breath-taking TV model. The seventh series of Samsung LED TVs is not just a modification but a completely renewed version in the electronics industry.

Samsung 7 series LED Smart TV with 55 inches screen is such a model in the list of the best4K TV in India, which is brimmed with lots of exciting features. With the assistance of this smart TV, everything from movies to music will take a new turn, and you will witness betterment in your experience of getting entertained. The 20 W audio output pack a solid wallop. You can even connect your 2 USBs during a single second to it. Due to which, you can play your media files on the screen too. It will be an amazing experience exploring pictures on such a large screen of 55 inches.

If you want your entertainment to be better, then try to stick on this model. You can get the worth of your money buying this. So, grab this Smart TV as soon as possible unless it goes out of stock.


Sony Bravia 49-inches 4K UHD LED Smart TV (KD-49X7002E)

Sony Bravia 49-inches 4K UHD LED Smart TV (KD-49X7002E)

Buying a Television is not an easy task especially when it is concerned about the smart TV. We need to pay attention to almost everything right from the size of the screen to the clarity, from video to audio, from external connectivity to special subscriptions, and many other things too. If you are also considerate of the features of TV, then you must try Sony Bravia, which is the best4K TV in India.

Sony Bravia 49 inches UHD Smart TV comes with an extremely high resolution which makes your pictures and videos better than you have experienced watching. But, we cannot neglect the fact that disturbing voice can ruin the beauty of HDR videos. Due to which, 20 W speakers provide company to the high quality of vision to raise the standards of your way of getting entertained. Apart from this, you can get the smart connectivity through this model of Sony TVs. With that, you can enjoy youtube videos on the large screen.

If you want to get what you have envisioned until now, then you must go for this particular LED TV as it is smart TV today, which can last years. If you want your Sunday movies to seem real with your light popcorns, then you must not compromise to get the cinema screen your home. Right from your Netflix shows to youtube videos, everything will become effortless to watch as Sony Bravia is a one-stop solution for entertainment.

Thus, buy the best4K TV in India which is fully equipped with the latest features of the technology. This TV also contains X-Protection Pro feature due to which screen remains protected from lightning, humidity, dust, and electric surges, etc. In simple words, it is not wrong to say that Sony Bravia is the perfect pick in the field of entertainment.


LG 49-inches 4K LED Smart TV (49UK6360PTE)

LG 49-inches 4K LED Smart TV (49UK6360PTE)

Taking a glance at features contained in a specific product is something which can decide whether to make a purchase or not. So, if you are planning to buy a television for your home, then you must stick to some other properties too. The ability for becoming a spectator to Netflix and YouTube videos is an also a deciding factor while buying a smart TV.

Nowadays, television is raising the standards of people with their high qualities which keeps us close to the modish flairs of the technology. LG 49 inches 4K LED Smart TV comes on the top of that list, due to which we can recognize it as the best4K TV in India. You can have high clarity vision of the videos and also an awesome display of pictures over the screen of this TV because the blur-free technology equipped into it makes the things look better than the previous versions.

Along with this, 20 W speakers of this smart TV provides company to the visuals as high quality video get optimization with the perfect sound quality. The multi-tasking feature and remote magic pack a solid punch into its specializations. Connecting to external speakers is no more needed if you are going to buy this TV set. So, you can save your money which you were supposed to spend on buying speakers.

Three HDMI ports endow us with the excellent connectivity which is compiled with the availability of two USB ports make a perfect combination. So, if you do not get much entertained with the regular TV shows streaming on your cable, then you can access your Wi-Fi on your TV to get the continuous dose of entertainment with the never-ending options such as music, web series, stand-up comedies and many more programs. Thus, you must buy this LG 49 inches 4K LED Smart TV as it is one of the best4K TV in India.


Television (TV) Buying Guide:

Having a look at the TV buying guide can assist you in choosing the best TV for your home. Thus, you must go through the guidelines mentioned below.

5 Things keep in mind Before purchasing any TV:

#1: Screen size

Although we consider the availability of space the most deciding factor that determines the size of the TV, the comfort level also carries the same importance. In addition to going with the space reserved for the TV, the size of the TV screen must not be too large that half the time you are busy moving your neck left and right. It must not be too small either that you are compelled to squint to notice the details.

#2: Display

 Once you are done deciding the size of the TV screen, the next step is to think over the display type. You have the options of choosing from LED, OLED and QLED. As it is quite evident from the names of these displays that they all have LED type displays. All these display types offer splendid viewing angles.

#3: Smart TV

Buying a smart TV will help you tremendously as you will have way more to do on it than just watching videos. You can connect your smart TV to WiFi or LAN and enjoy loads of applications including browsing internet, just like you do on your smartphone.

#4: Connectivity

Before making up your mind, consider the number of HDMI and USB ports that you want on your TV. HDMI ports let you connect Blue-ray players, gaming consoles, install set-top box whereas USB ports let you connect camcorders or USB drives. To get additional sound output, you can plug-in speakers as well as the 3.5mm jack or audio output ports.

#5: Sound

Not everyone attaches external speakers for sound. Most of us rely on the internal speaker of the TV only. You will get some of the best sound systems of the world in smart TVs that boast Dolby Digital sound. Go through the sound specifications properly to enjoy the best sound quality with your TV.



It is pretty obvious that you will be all perplexed and probably scratching your head as to which 4k TV you should spend your money on and invest your trust in. We understand that the decision making can be quite difficult with the so many good options.

Well, if you don’t want to compromise on the brand value and the features of your TV, and ready to shell out some extra bucks, then Samsung Q Series 55-inch is what you should go with.

However, if you are somewhat short on money than Panasonic 43-inch Ultra HD answers your expectations adequately. Both the TVs are the best in their class and completely transform the joy of watching a TV with the technology used and the disruptive features provided in them.

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