Best Table Fan in India 2019

A fan is an essential part of our livelihood for a long time for keeping the room temperature lower during Summer or else for ventilation purpose. On the other hand, if there will be an option to choose from ceiling fans, air conditioners and table fans, then the table fan is one of the best options for sure. It is inexpensive and flexible.

Beside this table fans are easy to place and you can place them anywhere as per your requirement with the help of an extension cord. It also offers air ventilation in a horizontal way and the air flow reaches to a wider area.

The 180-degree rotation feature distributes the air evenly all through the room, so you get a cool breeze at a regular gap. Moreover, if you like to opt for an economic cooling solution for your home then table fan is the best option.

There is an extensive range of table fans which offers ideal air circulation system and spot cooling. Therefore investing in the best table fan is the can be quite beneficial for you.

Here in this article, you will come across some of the best table fans available in the market. All the models listed here are equipped with innovative features and powerful performance. It will help you in finding the best one for your home.


Best Table Fan in India 2019 -(High Speed Table Fans)

These are 10 Best Table Fans available in India 2019

Usha Maxx Air 400mm High-Speed Table Fan

Usha Maxx Air 400mm 55-Watt Best Table Fan in India

When it is about electronics appliances and especially fans, Usha is one of the most popular brands in India. Usha signifies quality as well as reliability. Usha Maxx Air 400mm 55-Watt table fan comes with superior built and best quality.

It comes with a white and blue appearance and looks quite stylish. This 55 Watt table fan comes with aerodynamic semi-transparent PP blades which assure high air delivery to you.

With a unique base design, it furnishes simple control buttons which you can use easily. The 1280 RPM made your summer quite pleasant and beat the heat effortlessly.

Usha Maxx provides an even distribution of air all over your room. Its high quality motor is capable of low voltage as well as low noise performance.

It comes with a powerful motor, and with a sweep of 400mm and air delivery 85cmm it is just perfect for large sized rooms. It also has a pivot design and offers a jerk-free as well as smooth swinging for even air distribution.

This table fan is suitable for large rooms and one of the best value for money table fan in India. It comes with a one year warranty on the product as well.

The oil reservoir lubrication feature enhances the life of the fan and responsible for an excellent performance. With its overheat protection, it is capable of preventing thermal overload and consumes less power.

Usha Maxx runs through 230 Volts and one of the best choices in the category of table fans for sure.

Key Features

  • Aerodynamic and wide blades for high and uniform air delivery
  • Effective motor
  • Stylish design
  • Jerk-free oscillation

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Havells Swing LX  High Speed 400mm Table Fan

Havells Swing LX 400mm, Best Table Fan in India

Havells is another household brand in India which comes with a blend of attractive features along with superior performance.

Havells Swing LX 400mm table fan comes with heavy duty PP blades and hinges for proper oscillation and tilting. With 1350 RPM it is entirely appropriate for delivering good speed.

This table fan is also best in uniform air distribution to every corner of your room due to its aerodynamic design. It consumes 55 Watt and one of the best energy-efficient model as well.

Havells Swing LX comes with an aerodynamic and modern design. This 400mm table fan is lightweight and consumes less energy. With a speed of 1350rpm, it offers 400mm sweep and ensures better cooling all over your rooms.

Swing LX features PP blades, 120 ribs guard and jerk-free oscillation and it is a useful ad on to your home.

In terms of safety, you can deem on Havells without any hesitation due to its 120 ribs guard. This table fan comes with 2-years of warranty and assures good quality performance to you.

If you are looking for a table fan which can outshine your desires, then Havells Swing can be the best option for you. You can choose your table fan from three attractive color combinations.

Key Features

  • Comes with good protection
  • Suitable for large rooms
  • Jerk-free oscillation
  • Energy-efficient

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Crompton Greaves High Flo Eva 400mm Table Fan

Betst Table Fans in India 2020, Crompton Greaves High Flo Eva 400mm Table Fan

If you are looking for a table fan which can be suitable for your office as well home, then Crompton Greaves High Flo Eva 400mm is just for you. This model is quite compact and portable too so that you can use this anywhere you like.

It comes with four sped setting which you can use for setting the speed of the fan as per your convenience. The broader sweep of 400mm is perfect for distributing the air all over your room.

Crompton Greaves High Flo Eva 400mm looks, and its high quality plastic base material is suitable for restraint any shocks. The motor of this table fan comes with a running capacity of 1300 RPM with air delivery of 70 cubic meters per minute.

The broad base of this elegant table fan keeps the fan durable and provide proper balance. The fan burns down only 50 Watt of power and comes with two years of manufacturer warranty.

Key Features

  • Robust and wider base
  • Energy-efficient
  • Evenly air distribution
  • Proper safety against shocks
  • More comprehensive design suitable for large rooms

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Eveready 400mm Table Fans (TFH04)

Eveready TFH04 400mm Table Fan

Eveready TFH04 400mm table fan is just the synonym of perfection. You can use except excellent performance and a cool breeze with this table fan. It looks quite beautiful and furnishes eye-catching features and latest technologies.

With 40mm size Eveready TFH04 is quite useful in making your room chill by beating the summer heat. The broader base is appropriate in offering support as well as balance to the fan.

You will find all the functional buttons on the base itself, and those are easy to use. Its easy lock grill assembly is one of the unique features which offers enough protection during the use, and it is much safer for the kids at your home.

Eveready TFH04 table fan requires a power of 110 Watt along with a voltage of 240 V for smooth running. With 2000 RPM it delivers high-speed air to beat the heat. You can also control the speed with its three-speed setting.

This table fan also houses 90-degree motorized oscillation feature which allows the fan to circulate the air evenly throughout the room. TFH04 table fan comes with a warranty of 2 years.

Key Features

  • Excellent air delivery speed
  • Three-speed settings
  • Superlative protection
  • Suitable for large and full areas

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Cinni Oscillating 300mm High-Speed Table Fan

Cinni 300mm Oscillating Table Fan

Cinni 300mm oscillating high-speed table fan is a full metal table fan made of aluminum and iron. Apart from the metal body, it’s motor also quite useful. The engine of Cinni 300mm comes with a copper winding and suitable for heavy duty.

Fan blades of this table fan are specially cut and made of aluminum sheet. The size of this fan is 65 mm and consumes 65 Watt for delivering much-needed performance.

It comes with incredible oscillating speed, which offers air distribution evenly. Its 90 degrees swing perfect for distributing the air to every corner. Cinni 300 mm comes with three different speed settings, and you can use this for regulating the air flow.

Key Features

  • Metal body
  • Aluminum sheet blades
  • Uniform oscillations
  • Three-speed air flow control setting

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Bajaj Esteem 400mm Table Fan

Bajaj Esteem 400mm Table Fan

Bajaj is another household name in the field of electronic appliances, and it offers a table fan loaded with smart features with the model Esteem 400mm table fan. With its powerful motor and enhanced airflow, it can provide you the chilliness inside your home.

The blades of this table fan are ergonomically designed and quite powerful. It is also one of the most efficient models in this category due to its 50 Watt power consumption. So with Bajaj Esteem 400mm table fan, you do not have to worry about higher energy consumption.

With its two-speed setting esteem is capable of providing you cool air all around of your room. With its two speed setting, you can regulate the air aped as per your requirement. Bajaj Esteem comes at a reasonable price so that anyone can afford it.

You can opt for this low budget and durable table fan which can provide you much-needed airflow, minimizes your power consumption and a value-for-money table fan for sure.

Bajaj esteem houses the copper motor and runs through a speed of 1320 RPM. You can also expect air distribution evenly all over your room. With 70 CMM air delivery capacity, this table fan ensures cool air for you.

It comes with a warranty of one year, and you can own this table fan from Bajaj without any hesitation due to its attractive features and powerful performance.

Key Features

  • Durable and ergonomic design
  • Ergonomic and powerful blades
  • Powerful motor and better air flow

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Mr. Right Oscillating Rechargeable Table fan

Mr. Right 3 Blade Oscillating High Speed Rechargeable Table Fan

Mr. Right 3 blade oscillating rechargeable table fan is one of the most stylish table fans in this category. It looks simple, but quite a popular model in the market.

This table fan goes well with any home décor, and you do not have to make any change to accommodate this one inside your home.

It comes with three bigger sized blades, and they are suitable for distributing the cool air all through your room. Using a three-speed setting, you can regulate the speed and cooling.

Mr. Right three blade is made of high grade and heavy-duty plastic. It comes with a broader base which provides appropriate balance. Apart from this, the base houses smart buttons which you can use easily.

You can use this without power connection as well, and it is quite suitable for office as well as home. Besides you can also mount it on the wall as well.

Key Features

  • Made of high-quality plastic
  • Aesthetic look
  • Runs during power cuts
  • Three-speed settings

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Usha Duos Mist Air 400mm Table Fan

Usha Duos Mist Air 400mm Table Fan

Usha Duos Mist Air 400mm table fan makes it easy for you to experience cool breeze all over your room. This table fan is a perfect blend of performance and stylishness. This is a cost-effective table fan and provides excellent cooling.

Its aerodynamically designed three leaf PP blades are perfect for active cooling, and due to its portable design, you can take it anywhere on the go. Those PP blades come with no noise operation feature and offer excellent air flow.

With sweep size of 400mm, it is suitable for large rooms and its dual color appearance makes this table fan quite stylish and attractive.

Usha Duos mist houses an auto-protect motor with a fuse which protects you against thermal overloading. Total power consumption of this table fan is around 55 Watt along with an RPM of 1280.

Key Features

  • Efficient and powerful motor
  • Aerodynamic PP blades
  • Jerk-free as well as even oscillation
  • Soft hand tilting mechanism
  • Eye-catching design
  • Thermal overloading protection

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Bajaj Ultima 200mm Table Fan (PT01)

Bajaj Ultima PT01 200mm Table Fan

Bajaj Ultima PT01 200MM table fan is all about looks and aesthetic design which suits any home. Its powerful motor and PP blades with aerodynamic style are quite perfect for delivering good air flow.

This table fan comes with a size of 14 inches and looks quite compact, but you cannot overlook its performance. Its PP blades and aerodynamic style assist in circulating the air flow throughout the room.

This fan runs through 2300 RPM and with a sweep size of 200mm it delivers air distribution evenly. The fan design, as well as its blades, come with a covering of power guards which enhances its permanence.

It can be the best choice if you are looking for a low budget table fan and it is enough to outshine your requirements. In some cases, it may heat up, but it will not affect its performance anyways.

Key Features

  • Stylish design
  • Powerful motor
  • Power guard coating

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V-Guard Lap Breeze 250mm Table Fan

V-Guard Personal Fan Lap Breeze 250 mm Small Table Fan

V-Guard is a popular name in the field of electrical and electronic appliances. Lap Breeze 250mm table fan is a compact fan, but you cannot overlook its features and performance.

It comes with three-speed settings by which you can regulate the speed of the fan as per your requirement. This table fan also houses an oscillating function and a rotating grill which is accountable for uniform air flow.

Due to its size, you can put it anywhere and mount on the wall as well. If you are staying alone or you have a smaller room then V-Guard Lap Breeze the perfect choice for you. Its right tilting angle provides the balance to the fan and delivers proper air flow.

This table fan runs with 1200 RPM and consumes 40 Watt of power only. With this table fan, you can experience both horizontal as well as vertical swing. It moves in a 360-degree direction and covers your entire room. V-Guard Lap Breeze comes with a warranty of one year.

Key Features

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Rotating grill
  • 360-degree oscillation
  • Three-speed settings

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The main factors that determine the best table fan among the models and brands available in the market are its design, performance, and unique features. In this regard here we have the front runner in the category of best table fans in India which is Usha Maxx Air 400mm Table Fans.

It has the brand name, appearance, and stylishness. It furnishes aerodynamic semi-transparent PP blades comes with an assurance of high air delivery. Along with this th2 1280 RPM promises to keep your summer pleasant. So you can opt for this one if you are looking for the best table fan in India.

You can comment on your views on this article on the comment box below. If you need more information on a specific model then also you can reach us through the comment box.

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